Hancock 2: A Closer Look at Your Not-so-typical Superhero

According to director Peter Berg, Hancock 2 will happen. And the long wait is finally nearing its end now that new ideas are developing for the sequel. And take note, the idea stemmed from the lead actor, Will Smith himself. So in the coming sequel, there is going to be a lot of treats for his fans. Berg said that he and Smith were talking with producers Akiva Goldsman and Michael Mann and they are all interested in filming the second movie. The problem is they find it hard to meet in the same room because of different schedules. They did have a series of meetings in the previous year and although the development is slow, Hancock 2 will definitely come to the theaters.

For a quick recap, Hancock is an action-comedy superhero film. The story revolves around a vigilante, John Hancock, whose careless actions cause the city government to regularly lose millions of dollars. Eventually, he saves Ray Embrey who decided to change the way people see Hancock. Aside from Will Smith, the cast includes Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. The film which is based on a story by Vincent Ngo was produced by Will Smith, Michael Mann, James Lassifer, and Akiva Goldsman. Columbia Pictures distributed the film.

What made the previous movie unique are the characteristics of the main hero – Hancock is an alcoholic. Just imagine having superpowers and getting drunk and trying to save the world while you are not in the proper state of mind. Hancock has the capability to fly at speeds faster than sound, he has superhuman strength, stamina, and reflexes. He has the capability to regenerate rapidly and he is invulnerable. However, he wakes up every day without remembering what happened yesterday, without someone to help him remember. So things are not really easy for him.

To make the flight scenes realistic in the film, Smith was often suspended as high as 60 feet. But it doesn’t stop there because he is often propelled at 64 – 80 kilometers per hour.

Actor Will Smith was also known in the music industry as a rapper. His first success was with songs that he created with DJ Jazzy Jeff and Clarence Holmes. They used to play radio-friendly and humorous songs that eventually gained critical acclaim and a Grammy award. In 1990, NBC signed Smith to a contract and created the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which became successful. His first roles were in the movies Degress of Separation and Bad Boys. But he wasn’t able to break through until he became a part of the blockbuster hit Independence Day. His performance on the film defined his future Hollywood career.

So what’s in store for fans in Hancock 2 2013? Just before Hancock was released, director Peter Berg said that if the film pulled off enough success, a sequel is most likely to happen. By the time the DVD and Blu-Ray were released, Will Smith confirmed that there were ongoing talks regarding the possibility of a second Hancock. By that time, the ideas were still yet to be developed but they were looking at creating a new world that will be surprising. Columbia Pictures commissioned screenwriters Glen Mazzara and Adam Fierro to write the second film. The studio aims to bring the original producers as well as the cast. In addition, Charlize Theron said that she is willing to reprise her role.

Furthermore, Berg said that they are planning to explore what happened in the past before we met the heroes. So fans can expect to see a bit of a prequel in the coming movie. Right now, there have been substantive concepts about the hero’s origins. Berg confirmed that this will be a part of the sequel. There are rumors that another powerful character will appear in the second Hancock but that is still being considered – and this rumor makes the film even more exciting.

Nothing more about the movie has been disclosed so be sure to check out for the latest news about the upcoming sequel. In the meantime, the trailer is ready for your viewing – just hit play and get a peek of the humor and action from one of the coolest movies that were ever made. There is no exact day for the release date but the film is projected to hit the theaters on 2013. Just get yourself ready to grab a ticket for Hancock 2.

Until Hancock 2 trailer will be released we let you enjoy the first movie trailer.